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Restoration of important Polish artworks in the UK


Marshal Edward Smigly-RydzPhilip Bujak with portrait of
Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz.
In December 2012 the recently restored portrait of Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły painted just before the outbreak of WWII by Jan Hawrylkiewicz (1902-1992) was unveiled by HE Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Witold Sobków, at the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London.

Funded by Philip Bujak, and with the help of Jurek Scibor-Kaminski a fellow founding member of the Polish Heritage Society UK, this painstaking restoration of an important Polish artwork is the second of what is a commitment by Mr. Bujak to restore two such artworks a year.

Commenting on the restoration of the Marshal Rydz-Śmigły portrait Philip Bujak said; "It was in almost unrestorable condition having been folded into four and left for many years unframed. Now fully restored the painting will hang in the newly refurbished hall at The Institute."

The first artwork to be restored in this ongoing project was the well known  'Return from a successful sortie'  by renowned artist Artur Horowicz (1898-1962). At the unveiling were Pulkownik (Group Captain) Andrzej Jeziorski, last Chairman of Polish Air Force Trust, Pulkownik (Group Captain) Adam Ostrowski, former Chairman of Polish Air Force Association, London Branch and Artur Bildziuk, Chairman of Polish Airmen's Association in the United Kingdom.

Return after a successful sortie by Artur Horowicz (1898-1962)Return after a successful sortie by Artur Horowicz (1898-1962)Marshal-Edward-Smigly-RydzUnveiling at the Polish Institute
and Sikorski Museum in London